Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Modeles: FR01, ES002, ES004

Hot Wire Foam Cutter of Stobra is a professional device designed for precise, fast and waste-free cutting of styrofoam and styrodur.

Maszyna do cięcia styropianu - model ES004
Przykładowe możliwości cięcia - Maszyna do cięcia styropianu

The device enables any machining of polystyrene blocks in all possible variants (straight cut, angular cut, rabbet, wedges, etc.). In addition, it is equipped with several linear and angular scales that simplify accurate and fast length or thickness measurements of cutting material, as well as setting parameters of angle cutting.

The device is factory equipped with a kit of two supports supporting the cutting material. Long support has a scale and a stop that simplify making repeatable cuts. There is a signal diode and a socket using for connecting the footswitch. Spare wires and a manual are also included.
Maszyna do cięcia styropianu - model FR01
Technical data:
MODEL: FR 01 ES 002 ES 004
Max. size of cutting material: 1000mm / 250mm 1300mm / 250mm 1300mm / 500mm
Angle cut range: 45°-90° 45°-90° 45°-90°
Arm inclination angle: 45°-90° 45°-90° 45°-90°
Dimensions when assembled: 1420x370x180mm 1590x370x180mm 1590x625x180mm
Weight (including power supply): 14,5 kg 17 kg 18kg
Infut: 230/24V, 200VA 230/30V, 200VA 230/30V, 200VA
Integrated power supply: Yes
No No

Switching method:

A. Button - the device heats only when the button is pressed;

B - Switch 0 / I - the device heats continuously when the switch is in the "I" position;

C - Foot switch allows you to run the device with your foot.

A. Button

B. Switch 0/I

A. Button

C. Foot switch (optional)

A. Button

C. Foot Switch (optional)

Photo gallery - model FR01

Photo gallery - model ES002

Photo gallery - model ES004


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